Instructor Profiles

Master Instructor -

Sahnim - Clayton Davis

Trained, Studied & or Certified with:

World Taekwondo Federation - 05063306

International Taekwondo Federation - ATKD-635

Doce Pares Institute (Weapons Training)

National Coaching & Accreditation Scheme

TAFE NSW Fitness

Fitness Australia

Children's Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine (CHISM)

* Certification Program for Children I

* Certification Program for Children II

* Children with Special Needs I

* Children with Special Needs II

* Physical Activity Programs for Children I

* Physical Activity Program for Children II

* The Adolescent Female Athlete

* The Charter for Children's Exercise

*Kids in Gyms

Sports Medicine Australia

Carling & Associates (Small groups training & How adults learn)

Educational Funding Company

DARE education

Life Support & Safety

Secta Security

Head Instructor -

Miss - Leana Davis

World Taekwondo Federation

International Taekwondo Federation

4 Diplomas in the martial arts

Fitness Instuctor

Sydney Martial Arts is a family owned & operated Dojang where all of our Instructors are passionate about Martial Arts and the values it has taught them through their own dedication. Now they would like to make it part of your life and help you impact your future