Sydney Martial Arts:

Sydney Martial Arts is a family owned Dojang and has being operating since 1994. With a training history spanning three decades in the Martial Arts, a teaching history of two decades in the Martial Arts, two decades in the Fitness Industry and a constant drive for knowledge we empower people of all ages and provide futures of success for our members for decades to come.

  Our Mission:

Through high quality Martial Arts instruction our students become more confident, healthy and fit individuals contributing to our community. Our instructors are very passionate about the Martial Arts and the values it has taught them through their own dedication. Now they would like to make it part of your life and help you impact your future.

   Values & Benefits of Training with us: 

  • Educating our students into a lifestyle represented by habits of focus, discipline and order, by the use of fitness principles implemented through martial arts instruction
  • Provide specific programs that will prepare individuals for life's challenges
  • Provide opportunities and pathways for students to become successful leaders in their own right
  • Promoting values and principles that create future success's with any endeavour
  • Enhance mental intelligence for more informed choices
  • Increase psychological stimulation for physical motivation
  • Enhance the tasks of day to day life
  • Improve and elevate standard of living
  • Develop, maintain and improve personal mastery

At Sydney Martial Arts:

We value fitness and health, we value family lifestyle, we value safety in all aspects of life, we value commitment and success above all we value people.

Training with Sydney Martial Arts you will benefit in many ways

You will become fitter, healthier and happier, you will learn how to apply your training into daily life whether it be at home, school, work, out on the town or in business. You will build a good rapport with your body and mind as you become more confident and apply focus and above all you will become a better person

Sydney Martial Arts...

On a quest... to get your best!