Focusing on what is important-

My son joined Sydney Martial Arts about 3 years ago ,after a horror season of soccer,with bullying and ridicule.He was not going to do any other sport ever again after that experience,however after hearing about Sydney Martial Arts from friends,we talked him into attending his first lesson.As a Sergeant of Police, I know the importance for children to have self confidence and belief within themselves and not become introverted and withdrawn from sport and life. The staff at Sydney Martial Arts, in particular Sahnim - (Clayton Davis) takes a genuine interest in all of the students and their individual needs and not only teach them Martial Arts,but life skills.The students at training are one huge family,all ages mixing and saying hello if they meet outside of training.My son has totally overcome his self confidence problems and loves training with Sahnim and his goal is to be a Martial Arts Teacher just like Sahnim.He is Now playing sport at school without any fears.Martial Arts has helped teach my son to focus on what is important and given him problem solving skills for all situations.I fully support and recommend Sydney Martial Arts for all parents.

- S.A Abbott 2010

From the Dojang to real Situations-

I began classes at Sydney Martial Arts just over 2 yrs ago after thinking about starting Taekwondo training for some time, and I am now enjoying every minute of it.As a female and rather short statured Police Officer, the fitness and self defense techniques for me have been invaluable.These techniques and the confidence I have gained from training every week have helped me in more than a few situations out on the street.At the end of class, Sahnim connects with every adult student in a talk about different lessons that we can take with us from training into life. As a result, I have taken with me many stress management techniques which I use in my day to day life.I would recommend Sydney Martial Arts Menai to anyone looking for a pursuit that will combine self confidence, fitness frendship and most of all Fun!

- M.Brown 2010

Broaden your Horizons-

After watching my son and daughter for 3 months I joined as well!. The fitness is great for all ages with a good balance of strength, stretching and co-ordination. For kids, Sydney Martial Arts is more, with an emphasis on discipline, tolerance and respect to others as well as oneself. We look forward to our Martial Arts nights and the energy and enthusiasm to all aspects of life is contagious. I highly recommend Sydney Martial Arts to anyone wishing to broaden their horizons.

- Trevor Simmons 2009

Healthy Lifestyle-

My Son joined Sydney Martial Arts Menai(formely crow martial arts menai)in 2005. He has enjoyed every minute of his time,learning many different values that have helped at home,school and everyday life.The School teaches self respect,respect for others,discipline,self control,humility as well as essential life skills to help them meet the challanges of home and school.I would recommend Sydney Martial Arts Menai to any parent that wants their child to lead a healthy lifestyle,learn the values of personal socialization and just have a great time.The staff are excellent,the facilities are great and your child will really enjoy training at Sydney Martial Arts Menai

- Eugine Divine Feb. 2009


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a place you can trust. Sydney Martial Arts was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of teaching my children receive is outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

- N.Mazza - A Very Happy Mum 2005

Positive Attitude-

Sydney Martial Arts has been a part of our family life now for the past 3 years. The interest in Tae Kwon Do was introduced to my children by their father who once was a dedicated Martial Artist himself and still has a positive attitude to fitness,self growth,discipline and appreciation of a fine art.Our two children have been active members ofSydney Martial Artsfor the past 3 years attending 4 training sessions per week.This is a personal choice,as they thoroughly enjoy their sessions with the senior class.As a parent it is wonderful to see how they have grown,in maturity & commitment as well as their fitness level.I Feel the training has been a wonderfull help to their other recreational sport especially with stamina.

The staff and instructors who attend this facility are all wonderfull and very helpful towards their students.I have no hesitation recommending this school to any person considering joining. A VERY HAPPY MOTHER .

- Stephanie 2011

Positive Self Esteem-

Having grown up with a Martial Arts influence in my life, I also wanted my son to experience the same. After looking around at other schools my wife and I chose Sydney Martial Arts. We were impressed with their beliefs of teaching their students, the self discipline, goal setting and having respect for not only themselves, but others as well!.

My son has been enrolled at Sydney Martial Arts for over 2 years and looks forward to every lesson. His fitness and positive self esteem has grown in that time, and he has become more confident studying at school as well as showing a more positive attitude dealing with his school work.

I have also enrolled myself into the adult program and have been training now for 6 months. My fitness levels have increased, my weight loss has been unbelievable and muscle definition looks good, as with my son I look forward to every lesson.

I have just recently enrolled my youngest son into the Little Nim's program for 2009.

- Brad Cremin 2008

Personal Achievement-

This is a fantastic way to give my child a sense of personal achievement while getting plenty of physical exercise. The Instructors at Sydney Martial Arts are very passionate about what they teach and it’s plain to see they really enjoy training the kids. As a father I would highly recommend this kind of discipline for kids, it teaches them life skills that they can take with them through out the rest of their life. The programs helps them focus, achieve and gain a positive attitude towards life as a whole.

- P. Thornhill 2005

Life Skills-

This program teaches my son respect, self-discipline and many other life skills. It also teaches him how to look after his own body and physical fitness whilst learning how to defend himself. The instructors are so passionate about teaching their students and the kids love and respect their instructors. I would fully recommend the Sydney Martial Arts Kids Program to any parent and child.

- Alan Smith 2005

Extreme Success-

At a young age my daughter was drawn into this program by the excitement of a fun and easy to learn curriculum that delivered a real sense of self-achievement for her. Her attitude towards her training, and learning the values that the Kids Program teaches, has become the very foundation of her extreme success in other endeavours that she also pursues.

- C.j 2007